Tucked away in a rocky cove of west Cornwall lies the quiet fishing village of Mousehole. Visit in winter, however, and things get a whole lot busier. And brighter!

Mousehole harbour lights have become a famous tourist attraction. The narrow village streets fill with smiling faces and spellbound children. An electric whale and giant sea serpent rise from the waves, santa rides his sleigh, and twinkling bulbs lead to the Ship Inn. Why not take a trip yourself this December? Meet Mowzer the Mousehole cat and taste a slice of Starry Gazey Pie!

Read more about these festive illuminations at mouseholelights.org.uk.

Angarrack Christmas Lights

Not to be outdone, the Cornish village of Angarrack also beams brightly! Here you might see a partridge in a pear tree, two turtle doves or three French hens, as Angarrack lights up with an animated display from ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’. Just beware when crossing the stream…something might be lurking in the water, making those ten lords a-leap!

See more images of Cornwall Christmas lights on Alamy.